About Manipulative Spirit

Is the manipulation we see a reflection of our own, internal manipulation?

Manipulative Spirit is a blog that provides insight and personal experience into how we manipulate ourselves in everyday life. The main focus is to shed light on how the mind plays tricks on itself to maintain the individual’s “Truth” in order to cope with every day life and/or to serves their self image. Essentially this blog is aimed to help anyone going through mental difficulties, inner conflict or confusion caused by the voice inside their head. Heck! Maybe you just hate spirituality (in which case you’ll be surprise where this is going). Hope you’re not scared of the dark though? Either way, welcome to Manipulative Spirit.

Everyone has a story that they’re subconsciously telling themselves, a story that is constantly being narrated and told to us, on some level, by ourselves, TOO ourselves. Are you still with me? This voice can be our friend but in many cases it can also be our enemy. It can tell us things that, when in the right conditions and circumstances, can become so confusing, so contradicting that we might end up having no clue as to what is right or wrong (if there is a right or wrong? (You see what I mean?)). It can manipulate us. Deceive us. Tell us things that are simply NOT true, or are they true? (Fuck!). How did the nature of this voice come to be? How do we know when to trust it, if ever? This brings me to my next point.

The Goal of this Blog

The goal of this blog is NOT to offer the reader an “Ultimate Truth” but to get people to discover Truth for themselves, within themselves. To ask questions and to encourage the reader to build their own sense of knowing based on their own experiences. I mean, how can we trust others if we can’t even trust ourselves? How can we find that dream life (if it exists?), life has to offer if we cannot create and see the magic within ourselves first?

The need for telling people “The Truth” has passed and the time to discover and grow on our own has arrived in glorious timing. There is no greater and more solitary place than the secret conversation, that secret “space” inside ourselves, that only us know about. In that space, we are God. If this space is occupied by the ideas, thoughts and the words of others (and not our own), it is then that our mind can easily start to see the world as A-PART from us and not part of us. If you fail to see this, it’s probably because you’re in someone else’s reality and not your own.

Why the name “Manipulative Spirit”? Well, so that my actions prove what I just said and that my “version” of reality can never be viewed as THE TRUTH. I’m different this way. (“And we’re Evil but don’t tell them!”)

Topic’s covered in this blog
  • Is spirituality only in our mind or is it actually “real?”
  • Is it even possible to manipulate ourselves?
  • When are we most likely to lie to ourselves (and wished we could believe it)?
  • What is the Nature of Truth?
  • What is the nature of the voice inside our heads? (Stop breathing in my ear Vader)
  • How our inner coversation create the world around us.
  • Common contradictions in our lives that cause stress, paranoia, etc.
  • Scientific rationality vs Spiritual irrationality.
  • How we’ve convinced ourselves that normal is the norm.
  • How we’ve convinced ourselves our parents are the DEVIL (because they “are”).
  • How we’ve convinced ourselves society is a fucking PRISON (Because it “really” is).
  • Is it okay to make fun of other people’s world views?
  • And many other life experiences, stories and dark comments that’s probably gonna cause me to get ridicule, spit on and shat on in the future.
  • Who we’ve convinced ourselves that others opinions matter.
  • Last but not least…
Manipulative Spirit’s Mission

To convince you to join the forces of DARKNESS. Ha-ha, just kidding!

The mission of this blog is to challenge individuals to be more honest with themselves. To motivate those that are seeking to discover their own inner Truth and develop extreme trust by constantly questioning and looking at their version of Truth from all perspectives. (Both Logically and Spiritually)

…and perhaps to remind you not to take life too serious (in which case joining the dark side can only be fun right?)

(If you like where things are going feel free to carry on reading here.)

(Stop doing stupid shit Vader!)

Thank you