The Start is at the End

Here follows my manipulation story and how the world ended(?). I don’t know about you but this afterlife seems pretty sweet to me. Anyway, this is where my journey started.

What follows here is story that at first might seem like a tragedy but would later lead to the start of something really awesome. It probably wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the pioneering spirit of my dad. (No seriously, I really respect him for being the man who he is today) Enjoy!

This is my (our) story:

From the age of 16 (born in 1990) I was subjected to spiritual manipulation from my dad. This means that my dad, thinking he was/is doing the right thing, would try and get me to believe something that he thought was/is The Truth. And yes, as far as I know, he still thinks it’s “THE TRUTH” failing to see that we all have our own version of it.

We all go through this in life. It is nothing out of the ordinary. Our parents are our guides from the day we are born but what makes my(our) story unique is that my dad wanted me to believe that the world was going to end on the 21rd May 2011. Let me say it again. MY DAD WANTED ME TO BELIEVE (just like him) THE WORLD WAS GOING TO END! Yes, as in apocalyptic shit! Everything blown to smithereens, dust, blackness, fucking nothing left only zombies and grave yards.

They, my dad along with a group called Family Radio, actually expected an earthquake to devastate the world whilst bringing judgment over “his flock” (Damn parents these days, ha-ha). Anyway, I assure you, besides the group discovering an earthquake monitor that would put them on the edge of their seat every time it showed a measurement above 7, nothing really exiting took place. And this includes them killing themselves (Thank GOD!) On a more forgiving side I guess I can’t blame him. I mean, what if it really was going to end? From his perspective. Anyway…

The reason I’m telling you this is because being subjected to such form of manipulation is extremely rare. At least what I’m aware off. Even until today I’ve not once met someone that’s been through the same or similar experience. Where a kid would get so systematically manipulated that he (me) would eventually pause his studies to start believing (at least partially) something completely out of the ordinary. In one way or another we are all conditioned to think a certain way and sometimes fail to remember that the world doesn’t just evolve around us.

You see, when I look at the world today I see no difference between what happened to me and what is happening in society today. Instead of believing that the world is going to end we (easily) believe things coming out of an era we coined “the new age.” Just like my dad told me things I wanted to hear (Dad: “By the way son, you don’t have to go to church anymore!” (fuck yeah!)). So are we told different scientific or more sugar coated ideas.

By not questioning things, studying things by ourselves, accumulating scientific evidence and personal experience but rather believing things without deeper questioning, we are easily manipulated into believing ideas that simply isn’t true. Even if it was true, we won’t have that 100% without a doubt knowing that what is being presented to us is actually true. (I mean you weren’t there when scientific evidence was being accumulated? And this goes for scientific individuals too)

That is how you get people writing about spirituality and all the beautiful things life has to offer but is later so consumed by something (probably doubt) because they themselves never took the necessary steps to discover the truth for themselves. (Again, this goes for scientific individuals too. I mean, you didn’t do the test yourselves now did you?). What I’m trying to get to is that at some point in life we all discover that what we believe/d was/is not our perspective to start with in the first place (not to mention the deeper factors that influences conclusions). They we’re planted in our heads by another source that once crept in as hope or whatever personal benefited we got out of it at the time. This brings me to why I’m starting this blog.

I started this blog because firstly I believe I can help people rediscover their own true potential by reconnecting them to their own inner truth. (If you believed me just now the chances are great that you are very easily manipulated). For fuck sake! I didn’t start this blog because I wanted to help people. I started this blog because I wanted to make money so that I can become location independent, so that I can discover the world and in turn discover who I am and blog about it. It is only then that I believe I can help someone, if they ask for it. This brings me to my next point.

This blog’s Niche:

“You cannot teach someone something that is meant to be discovered by one’s self.” – Me

(Something I wish my dad would’ve taught me. But you see its good he didn’t because otherwise I would not have discovered it for myself. Life is REALLY ironic, I guess)

Although I believe we can’t define someone’s own unique truth FOR them, I do however believe that we can guide someone in the right direction, so they themselves can discover it on their own. Heck we are all different anyway. I mean if you’re going try and take me all the way you’re simply going to fail because you like donkey dick and I don’t! (haha! Just kidding) But you get my point.

It is because of this that I made the above quote (“You cannot teach…”) to support the style of writing I’m going to apply to this blog. You see instead of trying to write about my truth and manipulating you into believing it (something our society has been doing for ages and look at us now). I’m going to, for the most part, write about how I manipulate myself and challenge you to look at your own darkness to eventually discover your own light.

“It is in the darkest of times that we realize that we are the light”

With the above realization it is only then that we can start to search deeper and study things like “we create our own reality”, “Jesus is the one and only true savior” or that there is simply no God. Which ever floats your boat. (“If your world view survives my darkness, Muahaha!”)

So how did I end up manipulating myself without my dads help? Well… this is where my story (only) continues.

Thank You